Do you tend to repeat, or even get stuck, feelings of resentment, shame, anxiety, grief, or disgust?  Are you right now feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, seeing no way to change? Perhaps, you can't label what you are feeling... things just don't feel right. Or maybe you are numb, feeling nothing at all.  Have you tried "everything" and still not resolved your problems? 

You may benefit from the Choice-Cube® Method:  The Mechanics of Staying Connected, Honest and CompassionateHere's an invitation to use the Choice-Cube® Method scrambling tool to help you manage cravings, release negative emotions, and find emotional healing.

The SCRAMBLING TOOL provides a way to release negative emotions appropriately (without hurting yourself or others). This tools makes your emotions concrete. They become something you control and manipulate instead of allowing them to control you. 

Start here:
Focus on the strongest emotion you are feeling.
Give yourself permission to wallow in it.*


1 . Label / name the feeling. Think or say, “I accept that I am feeling: Pride - Anger - Craving -   Shame - Fear - Overwhelm -  Grief - Disgust   (See PACS-FOGD blog at the bottom of the Home Page).

2 . Locate the feeling. Is the feeling in your:  Head? Hands? Body? Legs or Feet? Visualize the feeling. How does it look and feel? Hard? Round? Squishy? Cold?

3 . Break it up. Now, visualize how you can break up the feeling so that you can get it out of you on your breath. You can break up the emotion and release it as something that is:

  • Solid: Pieces or chunks of glass, rock, rope.
  • Liquid: Tears, vomit, lava, muddy water, tar.
  • Vapor: Breath, mist, fog, gas.
  • Sound: Sighing, talking, wailing, screaming, moaning.

Continue to focus on the PACS-FOGD emotion (s) you are feeling.

4 . Breathe out the feeling as the image you chose. You want it out of you!  As you breathe the feeling out, release its energy:  “Bounce your eyeballs” (swing them far left to far right)

  • Roll a pen or pencil between the palms of your hands and . . .
  • Swing your hands back and forth from far left to far right
  • Follow your hands with your eyes (keep your head still!)

Feel! Watch! Listen to the emotion leave on your breath.  As you roll the pencil, stay with what you experience. You don’t have to “figure it out.”  Stay focused on the emotion and continue to breathe it out. Roll the pencil and follow it with your eyes until there is an increase, a shift to a different feeling, memory, or physical sensation, or a decrease in the feeling.

Does the feeling:

  • Increase in intensity?  Continue to scramble and release the emotion.
  • Shift to another negative feeling, memory, or thought?  Scramble the new feeling.
  • Decrease or Disappear?  You are ready to move to understanding the mind.

* Do not be afraid to feel what you feel because, as you SCRAMBLE, you interrupt the normal progression of the emotional pattern, which actually weakens the emotions. This is explained in Appendix Why Scrambling Works, in  my book, Become the Person You Were Meant to Be.

Are you ready for Step 3?


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